‘I’m banning my husband from the delivery room after he cheated on me through pregnancy’

A pregnant woman has been branded “wicked” for banning her husband from the delivery room after she discovered that he cheated on her throughout pregnancy. Taking the heartbreaking ordeal to popular forum Reddit, she explained her story which could only be described as an expectant parent’s worst nightmare.

In the post, the anonymous woman revealed that her husband only confessed his infidelity when she announced the news of her pregnancy – after three years of them trying to conceive a child. Captioning the post, the woman wrote: “I don’t want my ex-husband in the delivery room. I thought it went without saying, but now people act like I’m the devil.”

Clarifying her and her ex’s relationship, she explained: “We are separated and I’m waiting for the divorce to be finalised.

“He cheated on me with someone he works with.

“We have been trying for a baby for three years and when I told him that I was finally pregnant he broke down and confessed. I asked for divorce and he moved out.

She continued: “I’m due in December. I don’t want him to be in the delivery room with me.

“I’m not punishing him, but he isn’t my partner anymore. I don’t want him seeing my body.

“When we break up with people we don’t usually think it’s ok to show our bodies to them isn’t that right? I just can’t have him with me.

“He is beside himself with grief and everybody thinks I’m so wicked and evil now.”

She asked users online, seeking clarification for her actions: “How could I be so wrong about how to feel about my own body?”

Flocking to the comments, people assured that the mum wasn’t being hurtful with her decision – and that she was far from wicked.

One person advised: “Just tell your Dr and nurses who are allowed there, they will take care of the rest. Do not tell him when you go into labour.”

A second added: “Yep, every nurse always says the mother runs the room anyone you don’t want in there the nurse will keep them out or kick them out of the room if you want.”

“You will be under enough stress when your miracle comes. No need for him,” a different user assured.