Fit and healthy girl tragically dies suddenly after collapsing at school aged just 10

A fit and healthy girl aged just 10 years old suddenly died after she collapsed at school.

Rai-Lèyah Parveen Saddique had been enjoying a normal day at school last Wednesday before she suddenly collapsed during the afternoon.

She was rushed to hospital, and later transferred, but tragically died on Monday morning.

The fit and healthy 10-year-old from Wakefield was described as popular and well-known and was the eldest of three siblings. Her death left her family and friends shell-shocked at its suddenness.

Hundreds of people attended her funeral at the Jamia Masjid Swafia mosque which was followed by a burial service at Wakefield Cemetery on Sugar Lane.

Among the mourners were friends and teachers from her school in Wakefield.

A family spokesman said: “She was a hard-working girl who was loved by family and friends. Her school was closed today. Students attended (her funeral) and let off balloons.”

The spokesman said it was believed that Rai-Lèyah had suffered a brain haemorrhage. She was described as a previously fit and healthy girl.

Rai-Lèyah was the daughter of Natalie and Asif and the granddaughter of Mirza Mohammed Saddique.

Her death was announced by the Muslim funeral service Janaza Announcements Facebook page where hundreds of people offered their prayers for the family alongside many tributes.

One family member wrote: “Heartbreaking – she was a little beauty, little angel. May Allah swt give her the highest rank in Jannah we will miss u lots love u.”

One well-wisher said: “Can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through.”

One man posted: “Heartbreaking and tragic news, she’s only a little older than our daughter and I can’t imagine the agony the parents must be feeling.”

One woman wrote: “Beautiful angel. Ameen.”